Frequently Asked Questions 

goldendoodle paw  Are your dogs tested?

Yes.  All of our breeding parents have been OFA-p tested for hips, and many for elbows. All are PRA-1 or PRA-prcd tested, and the poodles and doodles are Von Willebrands Tested.  Many are OFA certified for heart.  All poodles and doodles are vet tested for Patellas.  Complete embark testing has been done on all of our parents.

goldendoodle paw  When will you have litters?

We will post on the “upcoming litters” and “available puppies” pages when we expect pups, or if we have puppies immediately.

goldendoodle pawWhat is the price of your puppies?

Prices are as follows:

Standard F1 Goldendoodles- We expect to have standards in 2023- $3000.

F2 Miniature Goldendoodles $3000.00

F1 Backcross Miniature Goldendoodles are $3000.00

F1 and F2 Backcross Petite Goldendoodles are $3000.00

F1 and F2 Backcross Extra Petite Goldendoodles are $3500.00

F1BB Micro Goldendoodles are $4000.


goldendoodle paw  Where are you located?

In Northwest Wisconsin.  We are about 1 hour straight south of Superior, WI.  We are 2 hours Northeast of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

goldendoodle pawHow are the pups selected?

Pups are reserved according to gender.  They are chosen in the order in which the deposits are received on the day puppies go home (8-9 weeks of age).  Pups are selected by their families.  We will offer to help you select based on what we have observed regarding temperaments, energy level coat style and approximate size at maturity.

We give the family a time slot in which to come, select their puppy and take him/her home.

goldendoodle pawHow big do miniatures get?

Our F1- and F1- and F2Backcross Miniature Goldendoodles are expected to mature at about 30-55 lbs.

Our F1 and F2 Backcross Petite puppies should mature at around 15-28 lbs. (Extra petite, 9-18-ish lbs, depending on the parents.)

Please note:  These weights are our best guess, based on the weights of the parents, and past offspring at maturity.  There is no way we can know for sure how big or small the puppies will mature.

goldendoodle paw  When can the babies go home with their new families?

It is best for the pup to stay with the litter until 8 weeks of age (9 weeks for the smaller puppies). We schedule puppy pick-up as close to 8 weeks as possible.

goldendoodle pawWhat does “F1Backcross” mean?

A “Backcross” Goldendoodle is a puppy who is roughly 75% Poodle, and 25% Golden       Retriever.  People with allergies typically look for these puppies.  They are less likely to shed or     produce allergens.

With the F1 Backcross (F1B) Petite Goldendoodles, mom is a miniature goldendoodle (23-30 lbs), and dad is a miniature poodle 20-25 lbs)  The babies usually mature at around 23-30 lbs. Puppies are 75% Miniature Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever.  F2B Petites should mature around 15-20 ish lbs.  F2B Extra Petite-toys should mature around 9-15 lbs. F1BB Micros should mature between 5-12 lbs.

With F1 Backcross Mini (medium) Goldendoodles, mom is standard goldendoodle (Rayna, 55 lbs, or Josie, 65 lbs), and dad is a miniature poodle (22 lbs). Pups are expected to reach 22-55 lbs or so.  Most will land in the middle of the two weights.

Please note!  These weights are our best guess, based on the weights of the parents.  There is no way we can accurately predict how big or small the puppies will end up as the sizes of the parents are so diverse.

goldendoodle pawAre all Goldendoodles non-shedding?

Goldendoodles can shed some depending on which parent they take after.  Generally even if a doodle sheds it is less than a Golden Retriever.  In our experience the curlier or fuller the coat, the less the shedding.

What do your grown doods look like?

See slideshow below and view more grown puppies on our facebook page, as well as posts from our wonderful Northwoods Goldendoodles Families