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Available now:  1 Male F1Backcross Petite Miniature Goldendoodle. (see Available Puppies page). 

Accepting applications and reservations for 2015 Fall puppies:  F1 Miniature Goldendoodles, and F1Backcross Petite Miniature Goldendoodles.

Miniature Goldendoodle



Welcome to Northwoods Goldendoodles! Our doodle puppies are raised on our 80-acre hobby farm in beautiful Northwest Wisconsin. We have been breeders of registered Golden Retrievers since 1995.

We believe lots of personal attention is essential to a balanced, well-socialized pup. Our dogs are our pets. We have three female golden retrievers, and male standard-, and miniature poodles.  We have raised three of our own doodle puppies, Princess, Sadie, and Lilliput, to breed for backcross pups. Pups are whelped and started inside our home with lots and love and interaction from our large family. 

Extreme care and attention is given to the pregnant mother, and subsequently, to each baby. We are very careful to make sure each pup gets plenty of colostrum, the first milk, which supplies many antibodies and necessary nutrients for healthy growth. Pups are handled and cuddled frequently.  Vaccines are administered at 6 weeks, and pups are wormed according to our veterinarian's recommendations.  Dew claws are removed. We offer a 2 year warrantee against genetic problems. We thoroughly enjoy raising our puppies, and are thrilled to place them into loving homes.

Baby Doods

Miniature GoldMendoodle baby


Blessed Hannah of the Northwoods is our dark red Golden Retriever mama.  She is medium size (70lbs), and gentle and loving.

Amazing Grace of Shady Lane (Maizy) is our sweet, gentle red Golden Retriever.  Maizy is 80 lbs.  She loves people.

Northwoods Sweet Yo Adrianne is our smaller, lighter Golden Retriever Mama.  She is loving and sweet natured. Adrianne weighs about 6o lbs.

Northwoods Beautiful Sophia is also dark red.  She is 75lbs, gentle, loving, and playful.  Sophie loves to fetch the ball!

Northwoods' Own Little Lilliput is our small miniature goldendoodle mama.  She weighs around 20 lbs.  Lilli is sweet and adoring.  Her mother is Guinevere and her father is Riley.

Teddy Bear is our Standard Poodle sire.  Teddy is loving, mellow and smart.  He had a wonderful temperament.  He is about 45 lbs, with long, graceful legs.

Gentle Jed is the wonderful miniature poodle sire that we use.  He is mellow, accepting of all people, relaxed, and not yippy or snappy.

Northwoods Red Rufus is our new miniature poodle sire.  We anticipate puppies from him beginning spring, 2014.

Our 6 Month Old Miniature Goldendoodle

"Savvy" (adopted)

photo courtesy of Joe Brandmeier, www.joebrandmeier.com

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Webster, Wisconsin

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The Girls


Hannah of the Northwoods

Amazing Grace-"Maizy"

Northwoods Beautiful Sophia

Northwoods Sweet Yo Adrianne

Northwoods Own Little Lilliput (our petite miniature goldendoodle)

The Boys

Gentle Jed- Sire

"Teddy Bear", our Standard Poodle Sire