Available Puppies

We like to know that someone is home full time (or that someone could come in during the day; or that the puppy could go visit someone while you are gone), for at least 4 months. They are social and adoring and it is hard for them to wait all day for the family to come home.  Also, our dogs are not allowed by contract to be used for breeding.

Accepting reservations for 2023, 2024 Puppies:

~2023, 2024 Backcoss Minis, Petites, Toys, Micros-Teacups


~Ready now.  Extra Petite-Toys (10-20 lbs). Males available.   Middle row are unfurnished male Toys which will look like tiny Golden Retrievers (10-20 lbs) .  The third row are our Micro (7-14 lbs) Merle Phantoms-also all males, and the fourth row is our female Micro-Teacup (6-12 lbs), ready June 3rd.